The team

We are Changespirators!

Changespirators is a company that inspires change from within for both individuals and teams.

We offer a range of programs all aimed to inspire people to start living instead of surviving. Key to it all is to reconnect with Life again i.e. we need to think less and feel more. Our basic aid to this reconnection, is our form of meditation (we call deditation).

We all have a background in personal care or in business. We became unease with the limiting paradigms in which we operated. It seemed to us that our involvement with people could and should be different. We then entered into a process in which we discovered that our approach could indeed be much closer to ourselves and the people we worked with. From ‘survivers’ we became people who feel alive and connected.

We all went through a life process in which we discovered that our underlying vision could be realized. Better yet, we make our dream come true every day! We have also (of course) discovered that, indeed, we are all interconnected with each other and nature. Also that we has ‘Humanity’ form a Prior Unity before all, seeming, difference.

We have seen that underneath all our survival patterns there is a hidden vision of what our life really wants to look like. This vision has often been suppressed because it is not in line with the prevailing idea in which we have been brought up. We have found that when we give ourselves and each other space, our lives begin to re-orient and re-organize itself. The dream vision emerges, old habits and beliefs are released and a new reality presents itself.

This new reality is one of constant change, renewal and evolution, full of lives’ passion and creativity.

This process of evolving to a full human being where ratio and feeling and masculine and feminine values are in a dynamic equilibrium, has proven so effective, for ourselves and others, that we (as said) want to share this new approach with others, as individuals and as a group. We want as many people as possible to start living the dreams and visions that we are heir to in connection with life and each other!

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Frans Bakker & Lonnie van der Schilden- Bakker
Femke van Rijsbergen| Ada Windt | Niek Windt | Christa Kroos
Monique- Cecile Roelandt | Marlies Mol | Gert Kampert 
Stef Jacobs | Marlies Jacobs