We live in a time of great and necessary changes; these changes must be inspired first and managed later


We live in a time of great changes. ‘Business as usual’ approaches and solutions often fall short.

The time of great emphasis on the individual, competition, protocols, efficiency and maintaining control, should be making way for a time in which connection, cooperation, tolerance, a new impetus and inspiration should be in the foreground. In other words; a new and dynamic balance between masculine and feminine value systems.

It is time for renewal and an innovative approach in all areas of life.

It is time to fundamentally start dreaming again, allowing to unfold what wants to unfold!

It is time for a new paradigm!


Life is movement

The philosophy of Changespirators is that life, in all its aspects, is always moving and constantly renewing and evolving. Look at the billions of cells in our own bodies. In this very moment thousands of cells are dying and being replaced by new ones

Every living system, whether individual or collective, is constantly renewing and evolving; it corrects and purifies itself every day. What no longer functions properly is released; what still functions are included in the new whole. The system (re) organizes / renews itself into a new higher order of things.

That is, if we allow and facilitate this process. If we do not allow a intuitive vision of what wants to enfold to become reality, we are not only depriving it of its inherent power. The entire system goes into a cramp and a crisis ensues. The system wants to evolve into something new, and what is "old and familiar" collides with this expansive movement to keep the state of ‘business as usual’. This tension can manifest itself in all kinds of physical and psychological complaints in the case of the individual and in groups or companies we say that the system is "deadlocked".

Changespirators provides a supportive environment that facilitates this inherent unfolding process by facing the crisis with an open mind and attitude. Changespiration brings out the new that wants to evolve. That which no longer functions is released and the new is embraced.

No complicated constructions, techniques or manuals are necessary. No step-by-step plans.

Just letting the process do its creative work ...Then when the vision is complete the course of action that is now obvious can be ‘managed’.