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Dedi-what? Why not meditation?

Meditation is becoming more and more popular as a way to relax in a hectic life. It is already so established that the word "Zen" has become routine language. In addition,  scientific research is evolving into measurable, positive effects of meditation on human well-being. Consider, for example, the use of meditation in the treatment of depression, anxiety and chronic pain, burnout, sleeping problems, etc.

In most forms of meditation, you learn to distance yourself from the pressures of everyday events (such as in "Zen") by turning inward or by focusing on something like breathing. In the latter, attention is diverted from the constant and stressful stream of thoughts. The meditation (deditation) we use in Changespirators is different. Here we make use of the fact that relaxation, feeling, breathing and attention is not only our primary basic attitude, but all four elements are linked to each other. When one of the four relaxes, the others join. If they are all done at the same time, it strengthens the whole and we achieve complete and deep relaxation and connection.

As said, the Deditation of Changespirators is active and not inwardly directed. You actively relax, you actively open your feeling, you breathe consciously and keep your attention in the now. In this way you make contact with the power of life itself !

Why this active form?

The choice for this form of meditation is motivated by the fact that we are all in a situation in which we never completely relax, feel, breathe and are in the moment. In keeping with the (unconscious) idea that we must perform and / or survive, our attention is often focused on the past or the future. We are always more or less in the starting blocks to go and get something or we are more or less stuck in our shells. This means that we constantly: (1) tend to tense our muscles, (2) do not feel for real, (3) do not breathe fully, and (4) anticipate what may come (that is how we think to better control a situation).

In addition, we live in a society in which rationality is more important than feeling. This has grown historically and is effective as a defense mechanism against any emotions which are seen as too lively and out of control. Without it having to be said out loud, you feel that you are expected to remain rational and act "normal" with the exception of legitimized moments where you can act out a bit. But even then we do it piecemeal. Emotions and feelings however have a purpose, they give a signal that something doesn’t feel right. When we ignore such signals too often the cause of the signal will not go away …. On the contrary. We therefore have to feel again that it is ok to feel.