Ready for your future proof dream team?

Are these questions keeping you up at night?

  • You want a future-proof team that is well positioned within the organization and  your customers
  • You want a solid foundation so that the implementation of the desired change actually takes place
  • You do not want to do this via the traditional means but organically and together, in the here and now

Then dreaming with your feet on the floor is what you are looking for

What is it 
Dreaming with your feet on the floor is a process developed by Changespirators in which we jointly define the vision (dream) of the team. This vision can be related to a long-term objective as well as the way in which one prefers to work together or it will be used to translate an already existing vision.

How does it work
Via the individual dream of each team member we create 1 joint dream by which the energy in the team starts flowing again. As everyone knows, a dream is based on deeper individual intrinsic motivators and experiences. These are the feet on the floor that let us know that the dream can come true.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

From this vision we look at the current reality - which major barriers are witholding us to achieve the vision. Using the collective experience and knowledge in the team, we will then look at how to overcome these barriers. Everyone will give input as we will use the world-cafe model. At the end of the session, in addition to a clear common vision, there is also an action list with priorities and owners.

Embedding the process
Dreaming with your feet on the floor can be used in many ways and has the best result if it is part of a change process that can take place over a longer period (6 - 12 months). Changespirators assists the team in this process for optimal guarantee of the desired result. on average the typical dreaming with your feet on the floor proces takes everything from 3 to 15 working days (or parts of a workingday) depending on the challenge and the team.

Too good to be true ? 
Changespirators has been able to apply and refine the method extensively in various teams (from 7 to 300 people) over the past 7 years. Each time, the results turned out to be above expectations.

What is the investment
Changespirators believe that the world is about people and collaboration and that each team has its own challenges. Changespirators therefore always offers a tailor-made investment plan.

We would be happy to explore with you the possibilities in your team
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