Many companies are opening their doors again and employees are expected to be back in the office. The governmental checklists are ticked. The preventive measurements focussing on new rules, social distancing signs, direction indicators, hand gels etcetera are all in place so all set to go right?

Nope ! We are forgetting that we deal with HUMAN resources. Employees were impacted by the pandemic directly or indirectly. With the change come emotions and emotions impact your stress levels and therefore also your health.

So in addition to the preventive checklists, we suggest three simple ways (on and/ or offline) to protect and invest in your most important assets:

  1. Do not sanitise emotions away, let people vent; Be there
  2. Before issuing rules, reconnect. Define the new way of working together.
  3. Show that you care about your employees’ wellbeing. Offer programs that can improve their health and resilience and show by example

In the light of the above Changespirators can offer companies three programs which are focused on health improvement and well-being of teams and individuals. The programs are designed by dr Frans Bakker and proven to be effective.

1. Renew the way of working together
2. Stressreduction &  
3. Integral lifestyle to promote recilience with or without the biofeedback method 


Changespirators’ vision is to inspire everyone to start living instead of surviving. We do this by offering  programs, retreats and tipping point conversations for individuals and teams. Each process is designed to ignite the intrinsic motivation of the participants to truly make a fundamental change.

Key facilitators of Changespirators are dr Frans Bakker and his wife  Lonnie Bakker- van der Schilden LLM. Frans is a retired medical doctor with over 40 years of expertise on Lifestyle and Lonnie trainer coach for more than 10 years with a proven track record in on and online team facilitation.