Renew the way of working together

Renew the way of working together

In this team session we focus on redefining a joined vision of working together in and of the team. We will use the expertise and experience of all participants as well as some digital applications.

Simple reflective questions will guide the process, starting with the recent past the Corona time and its lockdown - i.e. how did you experience this time personally as well as work related - to the optimal way of working together. We will share examples of situations which participants experienced teamwork as in a flow/ ideal and discuss what we feel made this flow. Can we define generic prerequisites ? Can we define how we would really like to work together – what is our joined vision.

The next step is to look at the current situation and discuss the potential barriers for reaching this ideal. Current lock-down measurements and emotions related to this time will undoubtedly be raised. We will look at them without judgement and will use our earlier defined prerequisites and experiences to define solutions to reach our joined vision.

We will conclude the session with a clear joined vision and action plan to reach this vision.

Time investment
Depending on the size of your team (max of 12 individuals) these sessions can take place in half a day (equally off or online) provided the use of two facilitators.

Curious what we can do with you in your organisation?
Are you interested in this process and would you like to know what we can do for your organization? Feel free to contact one of our Changespirators. You can reach us via 0620016616 or mail to