Stress Reduction Program

A lot of research has been done into the factors that help with stress reduction. From this it emerges that of all stress-reducing factors, breathing is the most important one (click here for full article). Research showed that after three full breaths, participants' resistance was markedly enhanced (cytokines and cortisol decrease).

Changespirators has developed a stress-reducing exercise that includes mental factors in addition to breathing and physical relaxation. We call this exercise "deditation". Deditation is a form of meditation, but in the western way. It does not go ‘inward’ but connects to life. Our deditation exercise has proven to be very effective in reducing stress both as a remedy and preventively.

The + of the program lies in sharing experiences. It is well known that bottling up emotions is not beneficial to health. That is why we start each session with sharing experiences (whether or not anonymously) and then the deditation is guided centrally. We also close the session with a round of sharing experiences one more time, after which participants relax again and feel they can continue with their work.

Your investment
For the most impact, we recommend a 7 to 8 week program. The investment in the stress reduction + program costs approximately 35 euros pp per session, so from a total of 245 euros pp for 7 weeks. Participants also get access to our open deditation sessions that we offer almost daily via zoom. We have a sliding discount for larger teams (> 15).

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