The Changespirators card game

The Changespirators card game (currently only in Dutch)

Would you like to experience how you connect with yourself and your environment in a playful way? The card game was developed by the practice group of Changespirators with only one goal: to deepen the process at home and with others.

The game printed on glossy cardpaper has 13 different categories with 4 subjects each. If you have been in contact with Changepirators before, the topics are guaranteed to sound familiar to you. But also for someone who just wants to get acquainted with the ideas at home, this card set is extremely suitable. It is guaranteed to make you think and hopefully feel.You can play the game as a quartet or as a devination: what does this card mean to you today ..... Watch and feel how the words, the colors and the shapes touch you.

€ 27,00

Please note that the cost for shipment in the Netherlands are around 2,5 Euro. The price includes the shipment costs