About Moxa

Moxa is made by drying and compressing a very well-known herb that you can find all over the world: mugwort 

Moxa is well known and is widely used in Chinese Medicine, among other things, to heat acupuncture points. The (infrared) heat of the Moxa penetrates deeply into the acupuncture points and stimulates the energy flow either Qi or Chi. The infrared heat of Moxa can also be applied directly to the acupuncture points via a "cigar" of compressed Moxa. In Chinese Medicine, the application of Moxa is especially for complaints where a form of cold, emptiness or blockage plays a role. It is also used for severe fatigue, injuries (bruises and sprains) and joint pains.

In our Moxa deditation pillow, small sticks of Moxa are lit and placed in the space in the pillow that is intended for this (see instructions for use). After the Moxa has been lit and placed, the lid is put back and you sit on the pillow. This is how the infrared heat and energy of the Moxa can penetrate through the holes in the pillow into your pelvis. The pelvis is, according to many traditions in the Far East, the area where Life energy is stored. In the Indian tradition, the Kundalini Energy lies there "coiled up like a snake" lying in "sleep" waiting for it to wake up and to ascend, along the spine ("awakening the Kundalini"). As mentioned, Moxa stimulates this life energy.


The smell of Moxa 
When you burn the Moxa, some smoke is released. This smoke and its smell are part of using Moxa. Sometimes Moxa is even used for smoking (we do not encourage this). It is not a herb that makes you "high" but it does have a certain influence. Moxa literature says that it invites both men and women to connect with our feminine side and open our "third eye" to visions and dreams.

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Changespirators' Moxa can be purchased in a small package.

The small package contains 9 moxa sticks, each good for 1 deditation session.

After use and cooling of the ash, remove the ash according to the instructions for use.