Knowing with your heart, feeling with your soul

No more difficult sitting positions or mantras to connect: use the Moxa deditation cushion.

For everyone who wants to learn how to breathe, relax and connect in an accessible way, we have had a deditation pillow made especially for us in Asia. What is special about this, is our way of meditating in combination with the burning of the oriental herb Moxa. Moxa has been used for centuries in Japanese and Chinese medicine to strengthen the Life Energy. The Moxa Pillow from Changespirators has a separate compartment for this.


Our way of meditating: deditation

What is deditation? Deditation is an active connecting form of meditation and therefore different from, for example, the Eastern way. The Eastern forms are more inward, wanting to step out of life, as it were. Meditation comes from meditatio which means pondering, reflecting. The meditation we advocate has a different foundation, aimed at connecting and flowing the Life Force. Just think of a moment when you were in the flow ... then it also flowed and you were not in your head, you were surrendered to the Life Energy. Surrender is in Latin: Deditio, hence dedication.

In our opinion it also fits more in the West: connecting and being active.

We breathe out the contraction and the Life Force, we feel, relax, breathe with our attention in the now. This leads to a feeling of liberation or in Sanskrit: "Moksha" that you can always do, whether or not on the pillow. However, since we can use some help with not being distracted by your thoughts, for example, and in strengthening your meditation there is also the Moxa and the guided deditations.



The deditation cushion has a compartment in which you can burn Moxa. Moxa is widely used in Eastern Medicine and gives off an infrared heat known for its enhancement of the "Chi" or life energy. So you meditate on the life energy while it is amplified! All elements, the heat / smell of the smoke itself, have their effect


Guided deditations

A new form of meditation is a matter of practice. That is why you will find 2 free deditations on our site. You can also subscribe to various deditations that you can use for each day / question and phase in your life.


* Before using Moxa Deditation cushion, read the Instructions for Use carefully. This is supplied separately with your pillow. The Moxa Deditation cushion can be used with or without Moxa. Changespirators are not responsible for incorrect use of the cushion and / or the Moxa