Entree program Female Touch - discovering your feminine side in a masculine oriented world.

Female Touch - discovering your feminine side in a masculine oriented world.

We women have become so good at adapting and (sometimes even better than some men) applying our masculine qualities that the feminine values that we intrinsically represent are snowed under. The feeling side that women naturally exhibit, just like our intuition and our empathic ability is often dismissed, so that we hardly dare to rely on it anymore. Could the reason be because feminine feeling-intuition gives women also a bullshit detector which detects a lot of bullshit that is going on in a masculine world? Indeed we ‘know’ on an intuitive level what is wrong In our society with so much emphasis on ratio, and control. You have probably also experienced how our bodies are often portrayed as sex objects that must meet certain requirements. Sex with a partner is often stress release rather than an expression of love. On top of this many women have lost the connection with their body, which has put sensuality and sexuality on the back burner. In our day to day lives, we women often are so busy holding all ‘balls in the air’ that we almost forget to live our own lives.

I hope you agree that this should change. Not only for the individual but for everyone.

In these times of hyper-individuality, we need to restore connection; connection with Life, with the world, with ourselves, each other, and nature. These are typically feminine qualities. We are lucky because all these qualities are already in us and we only must (re)discover them. Female Touch was created precisely for this reason. A discovery / development process for and by women in which who we are can come to the fore: masculine and feminine qualities in a natural dynamic equilibrium.

Deditation as the natural way to make contact

Meditation is becoming more and more popular as a way to relax in a hectic life. It is already so established that the word "Zen" has become routine language. In addition,  scientific research is evolving into measurable, positive effects of meditation on human well-being. Consider, for example, the use of meditation in the treatment of depression, anxiety and chronic pain, burnout, sleeping problems, etc.

 In most forms of meditation, you learn to distance yourself from the pressures of everyday events (such as in "Zen") by turning inward or by focusing on something like breathing. In the latter, attention is diverted from the constant and stressful stream of thoughts. The meditation (deditation) we use in Changespirators is different. Here we make use of the fact that relaxation, feeling, breathing and attention is not only our primary basic attitude, but all four elements are linked to each other. When one of the four relaxes, the others join. If they are all done at the same time, it strengthens the whole and we achieve complete and deep relaxation and connection. Our "shell" is opened up and we are reconnected to the world around us.

The Deditation of Changespirators is also active and not inwardly directed. You actively relax, you actively open your feeling, you breathe consciously and keep your attention in the now. In this way you make contact with the power of life itself, with nature therefore and with everything and everyone around you. Low and behold: this deditation is the feminine way!

For whom is Female Touch

For every woman who wants to be herself completely as a woman, with the dynamic balance between her masculine and feminine qualities that we talked about. For the woman who knows with her heart that things can and should be done differently. For the woman who would like to inspire other women on their discovery journey. For the woman who wants to feel alive again! Previous education is not required to participate. An open attitude is recommended, however. Women who have previously been introduced to Changespirators are also very welcome. We know from experience that the focus on the feminine is valuable especially when women do this together. Women become women with women!!

How does it work

In 8 meetings of Female Touch we invite each other in a ‘changespirator’ way to allow you to be a whole woman. Female Touch conversations are about the dynamic balance between masculine and feminine qualities; about sensuality and sexuality; about intuition and surrender, about earth and fire about togetherness and connection. We do this in a small group of a maximum of 10 women, in an equal and embracing way.

What is the process and content of Female Touch?

First of all, it is a discovery process. 'Being a Woman' is already in us; it is our true nature. However, the survival patterns we have learned distract us from who we are. As soon as we see that these patterns are improper, so can be left behind, the Woman in us that wants to come to the fore, a wonderful practice process begins. In a group of like-minded people, you will be able to manifest Who you are.

Secondly, the participants are taught the principles of Innovative coaching and the ‘Changespirators’ way to have changespiratory conversations with other women. You learn by doing!

The process is further enhanced by structuring the program based on a possible number of topics and experiences that confirm and expand the theme. We also consider what emerges in the group. Examples are:

  1. The ideal woman - WHO YOU ARE vs current situation
  2. Work - the Bullshit detector and female touch is essential: How to stay Yourself
  3. The female body; do you let the energy flow? Including v-steaming an ancient ritual for women
  4. Relationships and sex: the bare truth which facets are allowed and which are not
  5. Discovering your intuitive-emotional possibilities (women are "seers")
  6. Meaning: what sense will you give your primal strength

Discussing specific female experiences and qualities with women in a changing context has strengthened the process. When women are together in freedom, they become Woman!

Where and when ?

Female Touch will go online for the first time this summer, depending on how many of you will participate. Start and end meeting considered with participants. If we have enough English speaking participants the program will be taught in English. Lonnie has, for years, worked in an English speaking environment in a well known multinational

10 times a 3-hour session (with a break in between)

1 time a full day of digital retreat

Registration: lonnie@changespirators.com or info@changespirators.com

You will then receive an email with the confirmation and the invoice.


By whom ? Changespirators

Lonnie Bakker- van der Schilden. Co-founder of Changespirators & wife of Changespirators Co-founder Frans Bakker. Changespirator for over 11 years and always learning. Passion for connecting people and inspiring what is actually intended. Lonnie has a strong but usually loving bull-shit detector, is intuitive and no-nonsense.

What do previous participants say?

"Female Touch is like a warm bath; women who come together with all their old habits, which we call old patterns. But also with all the possibility of their womanhood. Together we look at it and encourage each other to let go of the old patterns so that we can see ourselves in a different light."

"The connection I feel with the ladies of Female Touch goes beyond friendship. It is unconditional love that I feel, full of confidence in which we can all be ourselves; it is magical."

"For me, Female Touch is feeling deeply connected to my own femininity."