Integral lifestyle program: to really make a difference in your lifestyle!

Integral lifestyle program:

If you replace "I" with "We" even Illness becomes Wellness


We live in a time (and crisis) of the Coranavirus. The Coranavirus falls under the group of cold viruses, but is a nasty one. We nowadays know that viruses are part of our existence; they just don't go away. We also are told that illness and the possible crisis to go with it, will return until ‘immunity’ has been built up. ‘Immunity’ however, in the literal sense of antibodies in our blood, will also wax and  wane. Our immunity in that sense only last so long and then we have to go through the same cycle again.  ‘Immunity’ as we would speak of it is far more than antibodies. It is how much you can be your-self, how much energy you represent, if you feel in the flow, if you are ‘well’, if your lifestyle is in order (minimum-optimum), if you feel connected to life and others. A virus has less influence then. 80% of people in the ICU  with Corona, have overweight, diabetes and other lifestyle related diseases . With that in mind it is, once again,  good to look at and take control of your own wellbeing and health.

Our life, at this point, is mostly influenced by the current paradigm which is typified by values such as individuality, survival of the fittest, rationality, cognition, evidence, planning, control and the like.

Our life therefore is often stressed and our lifestyle not all that healthy. Afterall we have also learned to be consumers. We often eat the wrong foods and we sit a lot behind our desks. When we hear about lifestyle it is always in terms of stress reduction, changing unhealthy food habits and more exercise.

In our current masculine paradigm we are so focused on our individuality that we have lost the real connection to the world around us. We also actually feel separated and we think that life is about survival.

The first order of things: DEDITION. Making contact with Life first

Meditation is becoming more and more popular as a way to relax in a hectic life. It is already so established that the word "Zen" has become routine language. In addition,  scientific research is evolving into measurable, positive effects of meditation on human well-being. Consider, for example, the use of meditation in the treatment of depression, anxiety and chronic pain, burnout, sleeping problems, etc.

In most forms of meditation, you learn to distance yourself from the pressures of everyday events (such as in "Zen") by turning inward or by focusing on something like breathing. In the latter, attention is diverted from the constant and stressful stream of thoughts. The meditation (deditation) we use in Changespirators is different. Here we make use of the fact that relaxation, feeling, breathing and attention is not only our primary basic attitude, but all four elements are linked to each other. When one of the four relaxes, the others join. If they are all done at the same time, it strengthens the whole and we achieve complete and deep relaxation and connection. Our "shell" is opened up and we are reconnected to the world around us and life starts flowing a again.

The Deditation of Changespirators is also active and not inwardly directed. You actively relax, you actively open your feeling, you breathe consciously and keep your attention in the now. In this way you make contact with the power of life itself.

We adopt a totally different lifestyle if we are connected to the Lifeforce again

Changespirators created a Lifestyle pyramid based on this ‘connnection paradigm’. Purpose is all important in this pyramid. So is the notion that all elements should be integral. The pyramid therefore is not a hierargie but an integral holography. The human being is an integral whole as well. Body, mind and spirit are inseparable. The lifestyle pyramid is not only about food, exercise and stress reduction. They are important of course but they are not effective if the rest of the lifestyle is not taken into account such as work, sex and relationships. But, again, all is dependent on what the value system that we live by looks like. Is it the one that pits one human being against another of is it about connection and equality?


For whom is our Integral Lifestyle program

As said our ‘program’ is more of a process. You can not implement the lifestyle changes if you do not go through a process. Going through a process means that one has to start to feel and release what is not working in one’s usual life, embrace what is still useful in a new paradigm. That new paradigm has to be felt and intuited as well before we can actually feel what is nor working for us anymore.

So in fact this lifestyle program is for everyone who wants a fuller life, a stronger immunesystem and a healthy long life.

Most specifically it is for all those professionals who work with other people’s health and who want to learn an effective and integral approach to life and lifestyle.

Where and when

We have done this program online (via Zoom) many times and that works very well indeed. Our online program takes 7 times and is in the evening from 19.30 – 22.00 hours. 
To ensure everyone can maximise his or benefit from the program we have a maximum number of 10 participants; the minimum number of participants is 7.

Please note : We will start in March with an English spoken group

The cost for the total program is 369 Euro


You can register by sending a mail to

The minimum of participants is 7 people.