(re) connect with your passion and purpose in your work

A program for people who would like to do their work (or activities) with more passion and purpose (meaning)

How often do you feel more and more resistance to going to work or starting a task. How often do you think; "It just has to be" or it "brings the bread and butter".

It is not uncommon for us to slip into a particular role and into a particular job and to have followed all the courses that lead to a particular ‘logical’ job

What would you do if you started from your "dream" or felt passion about work or a job? Do you dare to dream a little bit in this sense? Can you allow your real passion for a moment?

This is what we do together with you at Changespirators. We assume that your "dream" and passion are still there, even when dormant. We inspire you to let that dream and passion emerge together with fellow participants and to see together how you can shape it. We let you dream so that you really feel it and then we look together at how you can really make your dream come true.


As an individual in a group of fellow participants, we look for your individual dream and passion. Then we take a look at which elements hinder that dream and passion. Often this is not only the "outside world", most obstacles are in ourselves. For example, we are too full of limiting beliefs, we think too much, are too much in control, etc. We can guarantee that everyone will feel their passion again. That in itself is already a "boost". This is further reinforced because the same happens with your group members.

Together we will look at the jobsatisfaction piramide for you to create your hands-on plan to connect with your passion on the workfloor. 

We dream together, feel together and support shaping it together.

How long?

Our program takes 7 2,5-hour sessions 19.30 - 20.30 cet, via Zoom to make this course available for our international clients as well. 

When? depending on the number of English speaking participants we will organise the program on Tuesday evenings as of September 15 for 7 weeks.
Please send a message to Lonnie@changespirators.com to reserve your seat! 


The costs for the entire program are € 795