Female Touch Intensive will not take place in English this year

Female Touch Intensive - a 4 days deepdive in your feminie qualities

We live in a masculine society where it is mainly about how smart you are, how well you as an individual are doing and short-term profit. Feminine qualities such as together, intuition, feeling and connection are at odds with this. Yet this is what matters and this time is crying out for it!

You see it in the world around you 

  • When does a relationship wring? When you no longer feel that connection at all levels.
    You see yourself all alone raising the children, running the household, keeping the social calendar up to date when you want to look up the bed exhausted, you are also asked to be a sexy vamp in bed (preferably with the right sizes) , appearance and spunk).
  • When are you going to wonder if you make enough money with your work?
    If you have the idea of ​​not being seen anymore and everything just seems to work against you no matter how hard you try. If you notice that every time it is only about the short term and the assignment / employer and his bank account and not about the people. If your male colleagues again disagree with your opinion and preferably with the customer. Speaking out appreciation seems to have been banned. If you notice that there is suddenly another child's birthday coming up and you can't be there. If ..... you don't seem to matter anymore.
  • When are you finally going to think about yourself and feel who you are? 
    Usually when all the red lights have been blinking for weeks if not months and your whole system is calling to listen to them while you drag yourself smiling completely closed off from all your feelings. You notice that you have a very short fuse to everyone and especially those you love and suddenly there is an infection, flu, migraine, burnout or worse .....

You stand your ground and know that you are not quite your Feminine Self!

When are you going to change?If you are tired of feeling the pain of what you are doing now and you know how it can be done differently.

Fortunately, women have been fed up for some time. Women are the engine of change! And I'm talking about women with a capital letter! Therefore an intensive focus on women and only for women.

In a long weekend you discover who You are as a woman and how you hold yourself back. Together we will practice the feminine qualities such as intuition, bull-shit detector and use them in our conversations with each other. But we also do not let the feminine parts of our body, our appearance and our energy rest. More difficult topics such as sexuality and relationships are also an important topic of discussion, as is how we can use our feminine and masculine qualities dynamically in our work. In short, we make renewed contact with Who We Are.

Is this resonating with you?
The unique price of this retreat including all meals and accommodation based on a double room and excluding evening drinks: € 750 p.p.

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