Change should not so much be managed and controlled,

but rather inspired and guided.

There is a crisis between "old and familiar" and a new Vista of which the contours are still unclear. The "old" is in defense and applies the tactic "divide and rule". The new can only manifest itself if space is created by facing and letting go of the old. Both elements: correcting what is no longer usable and admitting the Vision we call Changespiration and those who have learned to guide this process Changespirators.

This is an approach with an "open mind", a free consideration of our life situation. This motivates people themselves to get a different perspective on their lives. Changespirators provides guidance at every level of life on the basis of, for example, the lifestyle pyramid and deditation.

Changespirator programs and retreats for individuals and groups.

A program is a series of days (approx. 9 in total) spread over a number of months. Retreats are always consecutive days. In all our development processes and retreats, the ideas of changespirators, inspiration for your change and the (group) process will be extensively discussed. Through the process and the considerations you will see / become aware of what your survival patterns are, what is holding you back and what qualities you actually have that are not completely made to use. You will also learn to conduct a changespirator-conversation so that you can also inspire others.


Basic programs: these programs are particularly suitable for people who have not yet taken one of our programs. The ideas are clearly explained and practical exercises are also conducted with a (changespiratory) conversation. We currently have the following basic programs in our package:

Discover yourself

Female Touch,

Changespirators for men,

Integral Lifestyle

PLEASE NOTE: due to the government guidelines regarding COVID 19, the programs will be offered online and not in groups

In depth programs: The word says it all; you have already followed a program with us and you know that it does not stop there. We have already talked about the new paradigm, that has been our starting point and of course your own process to go from ‘old’ to ‘new’!

We offer the following programs for this, each one with its own focus. It is therefore possible (and sometimes even advisable) to follow several in-depth programs!

  • Discover yourself in depth - practice the Changepirators conversation with a client
  • Female Touch in depth 


After following the in-depth programs, the way is open to literally connect with us by becoming an aspirant member of the Changespirators Cooperative U.A. ! How beautiful it is to share all our ideas  together and make them work!