What is life really about? What has all individual performance achieved for us? What about our relationship, we love each other but do we also take the time for each other? Do we really need our partner? Is our sex life an expression of love or more tension relief (if we do at all)?

So there are many questions. You know them, of course. What we want to offer you is a program that is completely "different". We are not so much concerned with a problem that needs to be solved. We just assume that the time we live in invites us to deepen our lives and (thus) our relationship as well. A deepening is a process, actually a very nice process because it is of course about your love. In a small group with like-minded people, we will discover and deepen the relationship with your intimite together. 

The process is led by Frans and Lonnie

We will introduce ourselves briefly. We met 12 years ago. For all kinds of reasons, our relationship was not so obvious so it could only be destiny. We had to find out that the destiny of our life together was one of unification. Not just "together" but a unit.

That did not always happen automatically because we feel our own pattern and that of the other, of course. We have experienced that the intention is to see each other's patterns and then not settle for them. Patterns are about getting out of relationship; are always in the context of self-defense. At the same time, they are also no reason for rejection, or victimization or conflict. No, they must be seen and released. Thus love becomes unconditional. Are we saying that our relationship is polished? No, the opposite is true. We see everything from each other without frills; the valleys and peaks. 

But we are not withdrawing. That way the relationship is very vulnerable, very "real". And ... adventurous; there is always something unexpected and new to discover. That unity has apparently also become visible to others. At one of our Bali retreats, our Balinese shaman Ketut said: "you are Frannie". And that actually represents it in one word. 

Well, that is what we for you too. That is what we want to inspire in the full knowledge that it is absolutely possible.

Our offer: deepening the relationship in 7 times

A process is the fastest in a group of like-minded people. And we know from experience that some topics are more easily discussed with men than with women. In the new era of corona, we want to mix high tech and high touch. In other words, a combination of sessions per zoom (5x 2.5 hours) and a relationship weekend (1.5 days)

We start the sessions per zoom together and then we split the group into men and women. Then we get back together. Between the weekly sessions, you as a couple continue your process on the basis of the work diary. The intention is to make time for the dialogue with yourself and your partner every day. This significantly strengthens and deepens the process.

Below are the topics that we would like to discuss via Zoom

  • Paradigms and Relationships
  • A look back at the origin of our survival patterns and how we do them in our relationship
  • Which emotions are linked to our patterns? How do we deal with those emotions?
  • How can we deal with our emotions differently and how we can help each other in this.
  • How does all this find expression in our sexuality? How is our perception of sexuality?

Weekend retreat: the unity of our relationship and our new vows

We conclude the cycle with a joint retreat in a beautiful place in nature. Saturday and Sunday we will work with an extra depth of what we have learned. It is a meeting of women and men. We look at the dynamic balance that has emerged between the masculine and feminine values ​​beyond our patterns. We do this both as individuals and between men and women.

We conclude the weekend with a special ceremony.

In a special ceremony we will confirm the unity of the couples in the company of our fellow participants. Each couple writes a new set of "vows" that are read or interpreted during the ceremony. A mutual and pre-selected keepsake is given to each other.

When : The zoom sessions prefer to start on Thursday or Friday evening in September. However, if the preference of the majority of participants is in the weekend, this is of course also possible.

The investment in your relationship
A loving, equally vibrant relationship with your partner is of course priceless, the investment in this intensive does not have to be. The intensive of 7 sessions including the weekend retreat in the Netherlands (full board with the exception of extra drinks) on location costs € 675 per person.

Kind regards, Frans and Lonnie 
PS if you have any questions call / mail / app Lonnie 
+31620016616 / lonnievanderschilden@gmail.com