Innovative Coaching: an integral lifestyle-oriented approach in medicine

The approach to medicine in which there is always a dynamic balance between ratio and feeling or the feminine and masculine value systems and in which an intrinsic sustainable change in someone's life is entirely possible.

Important: it is not an 'old style' course but an experiential process

Several times we have had the pleasure of supervising a IC process for fellow care providers (including doctors, vitality coaches, physiotherapists, integration therapists, etc.). We know from experience that not everyone is ready for an innovative step. So an important condition is that you consult with yourself where you 'stand' in your life and what you would really like to do for yourself. As they say; 'you have to learn to walk your talk'.

The IC process entails that we learn a different way of dealing with our fellow human beings, including a different way of conducting a conversation. To ‘walk your talk’ and set your own example is essential in all this.

In short you learn and experience

  • How to get your fellow human being 'intrinsically' motivated to change his / her life.
  • How change works in all areas of life and integrally. In all this we see an individual as an integral whole of body, emotions, reason and spirit, always and inseparably connected to the world.
  • An approach that takes us from the rational, individualistic, materialistic, reductionist, paradigm to (and in) the paradigm of connection, dynamic balance between reason and feeling, masculine and feminine, 'inside' and 'outside', togetherness, 'response-ability, etc.
  • That you, yourself, are the main 'instrument' in a healing process.

We work with small groups of up to 10 people to optimally facilitate the depth and personal issues

Duration and frequency of the process

Every process takes time, of course. We keep this as short as possible because it is built in that the process always continues. You also learn by doing.

Our proposal is to meet 8 times. We will try to plan twice physically as soon as possible as Corona time permits. The online sessions of approximately 2.5 hours or 5 hours will take place in the evening as well as on weekends during the week. The half day online is of course with breaks including a lunch break.

Since we will certainly start online, the start date is Saturday, July 18. Because we work with a small group of max. 10 people, we will consider together whether we want to organize the meetings in a summer course (accelerated) or if we want to lift it over the summer.

Investment and planning

We keep the investment as low as possible, but here too an exchange of energy is important, because of the online nature and the small group, we ask for an investment of € 995 excluding VAT. (if you want to participate as a private individual, this amount is included)

Who will guide the process

The process is highly interactive and is supervised by Frans and Lonnie.

Frans used to be a general practitioner, has more than 40 years of expertise in the broad field of Lifestyle and is co-founder of Changespirators. Lonnie has been involved in innovative coaching for 10 years and has extensive experience in guiding international groups off and online. She is also the co-founder of Changespirators.

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