In a retreat we give ourselves permission to put aside some time for ourselves from the everyday grind of activities. This gives room to allow contact with life and everything that wants to express itself. Retreats take place in an energetically powerful place in nature that enhances the discovery process.

At the moment we offer the following retreats:

  1. Weekend retreat as part of one of our programs: This is a way to intensify your Vision and Purpose in Life as part of one of our programs. A retreat is also a deepening of all processes in the program.
  2. Weekend retreat on its own: For those who are not participating in a program but would like to take the time and space for the process,of discovering yourself.
  3. Bali Retreat: A comprehensive retreat ‘discover yourself’ in a tropical setting.
  4. Blue Zone retreat in Costa Rica. This is a lifestyle retreat in one of the five Blue Zones in de world. Frans Bakker has spent years of his life studying (and living) lifestyle.
  5. Retreat Female Touch. A retreat ‘discover your womanhood’ specially for women in Bali
  6. Retreat: Renew your vows. A retreat for couples who want to renew their vows to each other in an innovative way