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Retreats: what, where and how

Retreats are organized in many ways, but we base ourselves on the primal fact that our life is naturally intended to flourish. That is not something we have to work hard for, but rather something that has already been given and can be allowed.

We also know how much we all let our lives be guided by the motto of ‘business as usual' and the idea that life is primarily a matter of 'survival' and keeping things under control. What happens on retreat? Basically letting go of control on this journey with likeminded people and by gaining new experiences, life emerges ...


Experience the magic

On the island of Bali there is a different culture than ours. It is not called the island of the Gods for nothing. Society is much more than ours based on 'together' and connection with each other and nature. In this 'energy' and the oasis where we do our retreat, it has proved easier to let go of old obstacles, patterns and taboos simply because they can be seen in a different light. We can see them as obstructions that actually only hinder our lives. So there is plenty of space and time for who you are and that has a great impact on you!

Leave the stress and tension of modern life behind and enjoy the beautiful nature

What does it mean ?

The program is primarily characterized by rest. Our adage is 'there is no must'. Our system first settles down and then it will start to stir and move on its own. Rest also means a simple form of (guided) meditation (or ‘deditation’ as we call it). Then there is a lot of swimming in our own pool and walks in nature, dolphin watching, snorkeling, etc.  All this takes place in a colorful peaceful oasis in our bungalow park with only 6 bungalows near the rice fields and the beach. We also make excursions to temples, attend ceremonies there and get to know Balinese dances.

We also talk as a group and do certain exercises, usually about twice a day. You will see that this is very natural and is in no way frightening. The process does itself, is not a therapy and that is the power of this retreat!

Which retreats do we offer? (only when the RIVM and the Local authorities allow)

All retreats last 11 days, so you are in Bali for a minimum of 12 days.

The same for the Costa Rica retreats.


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