A fundamental change does not happen gradually, but via a "tipping" or "turnaround" point. This applies not only to systems but also to individuals.

Employees at a tipping point are often stuck or in a crisis. This can manifest in mental and / or physical discomforts such as increased anxiety / burnout / RSI, but also in a reduced productivity or simply not knowing what the right next step is.

Obviously, the symptoms just mentioned are not final. The word 'tipping' says it all: a little push is needed and the employee can continue. Either in the same work or in different kind of work or even outside the current company. The latter may sound strange, but neither the company nor the employee benefits from long-term illness.

Hence "tipping point conversations". These are unique conversations in which a (necessary) change process is invited to take place; without judgment and without advice. The employee must feel completely free to really let the process take place.

In the conversation, the employee is shown that his / her system crashes for a reason: the way they are going about their (work)life is not longer workding. Then they are invited to let go of what has become superfluous ballast and to embrace new possibilities. Changespirators works with the inherent intrinsic motivation of the employee: this is the push.

Tippingpoint conversations are meant for employees who are stuck and really want change. In practice, these employees know what the crisis is about after about 3 conversations and 3 to 4 conversations are needed to practice the change. A typical tippingpoint conversation track therefore takes about 6/7 sessions.

Changespirators has a rate of € 225 per session (conversation of 1,5 hour approx) ex VAT.

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